CDM Consulting, LLC

We’re CDM Consulting, LLC and we’ve been empowering women to live their best lives since 2012. We believe in providing a caring dependable, and motivational service that offers women opportunities to learn skills and strategies for creating and designing their best life. CDM specializes in creating relaxing spaces for women to unwind, unplug, and reconnect with themselves. We provide opportunities for the chance to slow down and take care of yourself through wellness consultation, financial empowerment, and personal growth and development consulting. I started this business because I went through a painful divorce and was left to raise three children alone. I was tired and emotionally depleted and needed an outlet to find peace of mind, time to relax, clear my head, and find myself. I slowly began to realize that I wasn’t alone. There were a lot of women who needed this same opportunity. We’re looking forward to offering services that assist women and teenage girls with creating their best lives through retreats, workshops, conferences, tele-coaching, seminars, webinars, and small group sessions. Please fill out the form below to sign up to receive our free quarterly newsletters with tips for creating your best life.

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